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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Paid To Blogs

There are many site right now promoting this particular services for members to earn an adsense revenue generated using the simple method at this site.

The idea comes from and later on adopted by This site implement an adsense revenue sharing services for all members to earn a portion of it. While this services is new, other has already trying to grab the opportunities to capture the market segment.

There're plug-ins for Joomla and Wordpress for the adsense revenue sharing module. Google already being acknowledge about this activities and allowed it be used. Anyway, any click fraud that happen by using this method could make the user being banned.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Legalities of Adsense Revenue Sharing Program.

Google has always kept the revenue share a heavily guarded secret. There are many site around the Internet has been testing this particular services that should provide everyone an equal opportunities to maximised their adsense income legal way.

The point is, some of the Adsense Publisher are worried about Google banning their Adsense account when joining this services or providing this services. Some internet forums being detected having this kind of services. Such forum likes and has known to provide this services.

This technique firstly tested by Shawn Hogan from and later being adopted by Jitender from They use VBulletin as their main forum script. But you can also get a phpBB2 MOD for revenue sharing module.

Some article sites like has also provided adsense revenue sharing services just like the forum.

Google has said to remark on this matter,

"Currently, it is not against AdSense program policies to display ad code from other publisher's on your sites. You can review our complete program policies at

The AdSense ad code on the 'Ad layout code' page is valid for any page in any site that complies with our program policies. Please note AdSense publishers are only allowed one set of Google ads (one copy of the AdSense ad code) on each page.

We constantly monitor all of the web pages displaying Google ads. If we find that one of your web pages violates our policies, we will notify you and ask you to remove the AdSense ad code from that page."

So here we are, do you think there is a legal issue regarding this matter? If yes, feel free to contact Google anytime.